Tuesday, January 17, 2017

What I’m Watching: Homeland (Season Premiere)

Homeland: Season 6, Episode 1 “Fair Game” (B)

I almost forgot that this show was still on, mainly because I’ve been so consistently disappointed in its quality since its first two fantastic seasons. What’s good about this show is that it has the opportunity to reboot at the start of every season, and it does seem like it’s trying to take advantage of that here. Let’s start with the good: it was hard to tell exactly what Muslim upstart Sekou Bah, a far better role for actor J. Mallory McCree than the one he played on “Quantico,” was up to going around New York City chronicling the sites of extremist acts of terror, and what proved most interesting about it was, when he got arrested by the FBI, it was Carrie who was there to defend rather than interrogate him. Even though Otto doesn’t think she has a clear idea of what she wants, she is doing something she cares about, and as Saul becomes the representative of a more careful and less controlling government, she has other things going on in her life. I like the casting of Elizabeth Marvel as the president-elect, especially since she played a top candidate for that office on “House of Cards,” and it looks like she’s in good company with Hill Harper from “Limitless” as her chief of staff and Robert Knepper from “Prison Break” as a general who might end up playing a bigger part. That’s all intriguing and could head somewhere, even though it doesn’t amount to much of a bombshell or cliffhanger ending. I’m not at all fond of anything related to Peter and his completely drugged-out state, and I hope that he’ll get much better soon under Carrie’s supervision. This show already tried this route and failed, so let’s get this wrapped up as soon as possible so that this show can get good again.

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