Wednesday, May 5, 2021

What I’m Watching: Pose (Season Premiere)

Pose: Season 3, Episode 1 “On the Run” (B+)

For most fans of this show, it’s been almost a year and a half since the end of season two, but I caught up about a year after that, finishing in August right before the Emmys, which unfortunately barely made room for this show for its fantastic second season. It’s a pleasure to now be watching its third and final year at the same time that it’s airing, and this opener is a strong reminder of why this show is truly terrific and very much worth watching. Featuring the O.J. Simpson car chase helped to ground this show in time, which is continually strange to me given that I was alive and a young child when its events are set. There was an interesting array of opinions about his presumed guilt and his being targeted as a Black man, with Pray having little faith in the system and others more concerned with the entertainment value of watching live television, which Blanca still turned off so that they could enjoy a family dinner, an all-too-rare occurrence. Now that Elektra and Blanca are on much better terms, it’s Lamar and his new House of Khan that is stirring things up, and after that explosion of emotions outside Cubby’s hospital room, it was nice to see Blanca make peace by congratulating the new house on their hard work and good showing. Lulu giving a bored Angel pot lacked with crack and Pray drowning in his alcoholism are signs of more worrisome things to come, while Blanca’s life seems headed in a positive direction on all fronts. Deciding to go to nursing school is a great idea, and it was very sweet that, after Christopher suggested that she meet his parents, he showed up to meet her whole family, which appears to have gone quite well.

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