Thursday, May 6, 2021

What I’m Watching: Pose

Pose: Season 3, Episode 2 “Intervention” (B+)

This show has such a formidable and large ensemble that it manages to showcase different elements of similar struggles that characters are able to recognize in others but not in themselves. I’m talking most specifically about Pray here, who was targeted for a much-needed intervention by Blanca and was paying much more attention to his friend Castle, who he really helped when he showed up and was able to hear that he wanted nothing more than to live. I was trying to figure out where I knew Leisa the counselor from, and it’s because Rahne Jones played Skye in “The Politician,” and I didn’t even realize that Christopher was portrayed by Emmy nominee Jeremy Pope from “Hollywood.” It’s surely no coincidence that those shows, like this one, are both Ryan Murphy projects. It was affirming to see Christopher step in to defend Blanca to his mother after an uncomfortable and ambiguous start led to a much more confrontational second meeting, cementing that he is absolutely the right man for her given his firm support of what she needed in that moment of extraordinary judgment. Lemar’s feud with Pray is getting out of hand, and for him to pull a knife and then continue to torment Pray meant that punch he got was pretty deserved. It’s sad to hear that Damon has relapsed and left for Charleston, and I imagine that won’t be the farewell we get for this character. Lulu seems like she’s slipping into a world of addiction, while Angel was headed for the same fate until she took proactive steps to talk to Leisa even before Papi stepped in to do his own intervention. These people really do form an incredible community for each other, and I loved that Elektra stepped in to boss everyone around and then made a far more serious statement by reading her own letter after Pray dismissed the youthful nature of those who had initially shared their feelings with him.

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