Thursday, May 6, 2021

What I’m Watching: Breeders

Breeders: Season 2, Episode 8 “No Friends” (B+)

This episode hit at something that I think is very relatable for a lot of couples, which is that a man who prefers to spend his time at home or by himself believes that he’s actually quite popular and socializes a lot, when in reality if, as Ally posited, they got divorced everyone would come to Ally’s party instead of his. He missed the point completely on that when he saw Dean and poured all of his energy into reinvigorating that relationship, continually pissing Ally off by spending every night with him and staying up much too late. Ally’s yearning for the best friend who had become her husband was effectively-communicated in the flashbacks to her and Paul making fun of people as they walked in, and it was great to see the episode end on a similar note that suggested they were headed back to a good place. It was hilarious to see how the two of them responded to Jacob calling them by their first names and seeming like a completely mature adult, despite his apparently mischievous nature that serves as part of the reason Luke was so enamored with him. Ava not liking Grace was an interesting plotline, and it was good to see how Ally handled that situation. I thought Jim and Jackie were just as out of touch with reality as always when they described their close relationship with the neighbors they were going to have to leave, but it turns out that wasn’t the case at all and they did in fact forge a bond, which is nice to know.

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