Thursday, May 6, 2021

What I’m Watching: Supergirl

Supergirl: Season 6, Episode 6 “Prom Again!” (B)

I’m never entirely clear on how all this time travel stuff works and I think I tend to be more forgiving than others except when things aren’t exactly logical. In this case, I got lost when Kara snuck onto the ship and then somehow had to rejoin her present without knowing what had changed and where she’d be in that moment. But there’s no real reason to dwell it since they achieved the mission, and I’m still curious whether Kenny is going to end up being a part of her future now since they seem to have left things on good terms. I’m also hopeful that a return to the present will inject fresh energy into this show that was absent from its opening episodes this season, and Kara needs to return from the Phantom Zone as soon as possible. It was strange to see Cat Grant featured so prominently in this episode since Calista Flockhart exited this show so long ago, but maybe they’re teasing her return? I doubt it, since it’s sort of like how “Smallville” replaced Michael Rosenbaum’s Lex Luthor with Cassidy Freeman’s Tess Mercer in its final seasons. Back to this show, Nia being able to conjure something out of a dream and bring it into consciousness was cool, and she’s quickly becoming the most valuable and powerful member of the team. Her relationship with Brainy might also be back on track, but he’s going to have to gain back her trust first and not just assume that a passionate kiss after a difficult endeavor will be enough to square them.

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