Monday, June 21, 2021

Take Three: Kevin Can F**k Himself

Kevin Can F**k Himself: Season 1, Episode 3 “We’re Selling Washing Machines” (B)

I like the fact that Patty is now with Allison in the moody scenes of melancholy, even if her situation isn’t quite as miserable but still just as boring and unfulfilling. Her husband-to-be does notice her and want her to be happy, but he just doesn’t get that she’s not always into the same things and might be happier, for instance, not sneaking cheeseburgers in her car and having some input into what they do together. Allison calling the police on Marcus seemed like an impulsive and uncharacteristic move, and naturally it came back to haunt her because it meant that Patty’s supply got cut off, which has now necessitated a trip to Vermont that could actually be pretty therapeutic for her. I’m not sure what Sam was thinking inviting her to a meeting where his wife might show up, and Patty was right to point out that, not only is Sam married, she’s also married! It was interesting, however, to see how those scenes didn’t look so grim, and how Allison might be able to find happiness on her own if given enough space from her useless and selfish husband. His chili sounds terrible, and I’m actually starting to feel plenty of sympathy towards Neil because he generally means well even if he’s an incredible dolt and he’s constantly being taken advantage of by Kevin almost as much as he does with Allison. He’s not worthy of saving, of course, but he doesn’t deserve the same fate that may eventually befall Kevin.

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