Tuesday, June 8, 2021

What I’m Watching: Halston (Penultimate Episode)

Halston: Season 1, Episode 4 “The Party’s Over” (B+)

It’s astonishing to watch Halston and see his denial in full force, claiming that he doesn’t need the rehab that Liza is so freely and willingly signing up for and not acknowledging the absolute absurdity of his phone receiver no longer working because there was too much cocaine stuck in it. He’s brilliant but does a formidable job of alienating people, especially Joe, and it’s a wonder that people do indeed stand by him. The fact that he had to stop to consider whether he should accept David’s offer shows how self-involved he is, but unfortunately he was right to hesitate since the man who was shopping for expensive yachts just to make his wife happy got outbid and ended up out of the entire deal, with Halston now working for someone else. So far, his new boss Carl, played by Jason Kravits from “B Positive” and “The Undoing,” seems pleasant enough and likely okay with Halston continuing in his own direction, but Halston has a way of driving even the most agreeable people crazy. Victor received his diagnosis with a surprising degree of acceptance and inevitability, and still through all of this he’s putting Halston first, who, in typical fashion, was happy to give his latest paid visitor a tour of the place since he can’t resist being the center of attention. As in the past, the commercials with all the women and then Halston saying his own name at the highlight continue to be a highlight of this usually dramatic but humor-laced series.

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