Wednesday, June 9, 2021

What I’m Watching: In Treatment

In Treatment: Season 4, Episode 9 “Eladio – Week 3” (B+)

This show doesn’t always feature moments before or after the title appointments, but when it does, they tend to be important. That was definitely the case for the opening scene where Brooke was visited by a notary and signed to be able to find out more about the baby she gave up for adoption, dwelling thoughtfully on her own thumbprint after he left. She was able to immerse herself in Eladio’s life as soon as they started, though that’s partially because he was so open about what was going on in it and sharing what he thought Brooke would want him to say. Like both of her other patients, he’s most concerned with what he thinks that she’s going to say next, and he stopped multiple times to clarify that the love that he and Jeremy had was sincere and special even if it wasn’t all that typical. Calling out Freud and commenting on the nature of his relationship with Brooke highlighted his intelligence and his very intriguing perspective. He had a lot of great quotes in this hour, talking about bromance, accomplices, and how nobody who takes care of him shares the same class or race. His story about the evangelicals wanting to hear him was particularly fascinating, and he really did not respond well to her emphatic repetition of her assessment that Jeremy was lucky to have him. Ending the session early seemed to really throw Brooke, but it appears that she’s also going to take a next step to ensure that he gets the support she believes he needs.

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