Tuesday, June 29, 2021

What I’m Watching: Why Women Kill

Why Women Kill: Season 2, Episode 5 “They Made Me a Killer” (B+)

I like that things on this show are moving relatively quickly, without too much lag time in between for a subplot to fester. Rita acted immediately to embarrass Alma in the most brutal way possible as revenge for her being related to Dee, and it was truly dreadful to watch. I like that Dee quickly figured out who it was that got her fired from her job as well, and that she recognized the photo of Rita so she was able to explain why it was that Rita had it out for her. Alma’s power play to blackmail Rita didn’t go as planned, and the unnecessary desecration of her garden was the last straw, which makes me eager to see how Alma, who does happen to be married to a serial killer, is going to take down Rita. Bertram’s trip out of town to go see his old pastor, played by Dakin Matthews, who also recurred on “Desperate Housewives,” was quite entertaining, mainly because he so eagerly and freely spouted off the many murders he had committed that made him quiver every time he heard them. It’s good that he didn’t choose to confide in someone else and instead just repeated the same confession over and over to the same unwilling listener. I thought at first that Scooter was hatching a plan to get back at Rita with Catherine, but it seems like that ploy, which is working well, is all about winning her back instead. I like that Carlo is fighting back with the only method of communication he has, and he almost managed to get Rita caught, but he’ll have to keep trying to successfully outwit her.

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