Tuesday, June 15, 2021

What I’m Watching: In Treatment

In Treatment: Season 4, Episode 13 “Eladio – Week 4” (B+)

The Brooke we saw at the start of this episode was considerably different than the one who was acting very defensive against Rita during the previous installment, dressed nicely and ready with her coffee to sit down and talk to Eladio. She handled his pointing out that she was missing an earring gracefully, but their session took a nosedive as soon as she told him that she made an assessment and wanted to refer him to a psychiatrist who was going to have to start from scratch. Having him hang up was truly jarring, but it did mimic the notion of cutting off the conversation and retreating from a difficult concept. It was even most startling that Adam just wandered out of the bedroom because he had forgotten her appointment, something that suggests she doesn’t have the right boundaries in place between her personal and work life since she could very easily have been either on a video session with someone or with a client there in person. They got to their own awkward point when Adam suggested having a baby and then pointed out that her son was more an idea than he was real, and her decision to answer Eladio’s call did not sit well with him. Eladio was ready to talk and confront parts of his identity that he was now being told weren’t necessarily accurate, but taking off all his clothes and jumping into the pool doesn’t indicate a positive ending for him, something that, even if he survives, is sure to absolutely devastate Brooke.

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