Wednesday, June 9, 2021

What I’m Watching: Legends of Tomorrow

Legends of Tomorrow: Season 6, Episode 5 “The Satanist’s Apprentice” (B-)

This episode was more than a bit silly, but it was very on-brand for a show that’s already featured its characters in many different forms including puppets in the past. I did appreciate the focus on Astra, a recurring player who seemed like she was going to become a regular but who hasn’t been seen much since she officially left hell. Constantine’s home didn’t seem all that welcoming for any guests in the past, and its newest resident wasn’t pleased with the fact that any amenities she might have expected were not in fact present and instead just handled by spells Constantine had set up to wash his clothes and other household needs. Her frustration still wasn’t a great reason to free Aleister from his painting, a clearly bad idea, and she should have known that it wouldn’t be foolproof to switch their bodies back and forth at will without the possibility of a glitch. The show’s brief transformation into a Disney musical with a princess and musical numbers was peculiar, but it worked given Astra’s earlier trapping of each of her bothersome fellow legends in objects that were of particular delight when they came to life in animated form. The failsafe spell Astra’s mom created came in handy, and hopefully Astra and Constantine will now do a better job of communicating. In a completely different setting, Sara thought she did well resisting Bishop and winning over the Ava clone, but she’s in for a much more mind-bending ride than she thought given the way that he can manipulate their surroundings and everything that she believes she’s experiencing.

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