Saturday, June 19, 2021

What I’m Watching: Generation

Generation: Season 1, Episode 10 “Built for Pleasure” (B+)

Watching this show makes me want to reach through the screen sometimes and shake these characters to make them see the clear opportunities for happiness that they’re missing. Riley was annoyed at Chester for trying to force her back together with Greta, and she was about to hold her hand in the backseat, which would have been a great example of taking things slow, but then she decided not to do it and that was it. I did enjoy the way that Greta responded to Lucia asking her if she could kiss her and that she followed that relatively friendly and well-received rejection with a request for a ride home. Her mom’s sudden return is likely to throw everything into chaos, and Riley is probably going to find out about her budding romance with the worst possible person right as she’s going through that. I was excited to recognize Isaiah Standard, who plays Ben on “Good Girls,” as the trans brother of Delilah’s new crush, and it’s good to see this show doing representative casting. Nathan seems to be fine with the reality of how Chester sees him, and he was more upset that Chester was angry at him for encouraging him to text Bo. I’m still not sure that I see them as a couple since I think I’m much more in favor of Chester and Nathan getting together, but who I am to tell these characters that all the romantic choices they’re making are wrong? It’s much more fun and frustrating to watch them realize it on their own.

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