Thursday, June 17, 2021

What I’m Watching: The Flash

The Flash: Season 7, Episode 13 “Masquerade” (B-)

You’d think that Team Flash would be a bit more careful than to just leave powerful weapons like the Thinker’s chair lying around in the basement, but apparently it’s also a place where married lovebirds go during the workday when they’re looking for a little privacy. I guess they also don’t usually have intruders in their midst, but that has been happening with alarming frequency lately with potential allies turning out to be enemies and then vice versa. I had forgotten to mention in my review of the previous episode that Cecile was apparently trapped in a prison inside her own mind reminiscent of the Mirrorverse, and I’m glad that the entire plotline was quickly resolved over the course of just this hour. It was good to see Sue again, and I like that she was able to return without Ralph, a role that probably doesn’t need to be recast since he could just be indefinitely away, likely a better choice. Inviting everyone back to her hotel suggests that she might stick around for longer, and I’m all for that since this revolving door of team members could use a skilled thief who takes delight in all of their missions. There hasn’t been much about Kramer recently, but it’s looking like she may be the next big bad, which is actually somewhat enticing given that, at least as far we know, she’s not a meta and doesn’t have powers, and she’ll likely come at them with an entirely different approach.

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