Saturday, June 19, 2021

What I’m Watching: Intelligence (Season Premiere)

Intelligence: Season 2, Episode 1 (B+)

This was one of the low-key delights of last summer for me, an initial offering from Peacock that, while not always so excellent, was quite entertaining. I didn’t even realize that the second season had been filmed already, and that it’s premiering on Peacock very soon after it first airs on Sky One in the UK. I can appreciate that the setup here was a bit infantile, but I was laughing consistently and having a great time. I always have to remember that Nick Mohammed is the creator of the show, and so anytime Nate is made out to be so impossibly stupid, he’s not being taken advantage of but instead given great material. His comment about moles was among the highlights of the half-hour, but there were so many terrific one-liners that made Christine’s blood want to boil that it’s hard to decide which was actually the best. She got to have her fun at the end of the episode by deactivating everyone’s access cards and watching – with a snack handy – as they all got impossibly frustrated, including the very temperamental Jerry. The fact that he couldn’t remember the password and needed so many clues to be able to get there was absurd, but this whole team is never particularly full of good ideas. With this as an opener and expectations appropriately set, I’m eager to make my way through the second season and experience the idiocy that’s sure to follow as this hapless group somehow manages to defend its country against attacks from far more intelligent people.

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