Wednesday, June 16, 2021

What I’m Watching: Black Monday

Black Monday: Season 3, Episode 4 “Seven!” (B)

It’s hard to keep track of what people are actually doing or trying to do, and whether they’re running scams or closer to accomplishing their true aims than we know. Mo and Dawn, for instance, were having a blast trying to one-up each other when Mo was in the wheelchair but made it seem that he was youthful and it was Dawn who was both old and unable to walk, but when it all got exposed, Dawn went to bat for Mo and defended his every action, arguing that it proved his loyalty to her. I’m honestly not sure if that’s the case at all, but we’ve known both Dawn and especially Mo to play the long game in the past, and I can’t imagine all that much has changed. The character who really has to explore what path is right for him is Blair, and he didn’t have much reason to appeal to Corky other than to feel a connection with the late lover that they’d both shared, something that this RNC babysitter Werner probably wouldn’t want to dwell too much on unless he was using it to force Blair’s hand. As usual, the slippery Keith lost out in all this, creating a massive TV event with plenty of sponsorship to keep the company afloat only to have equipment fall right on someone as he was taking the stage and presumably crush him to death. For an admittedly dark comedy series, this show has an awfully high body count, even if the series regulars manage to keep surviving despite frighteningly frequent proximity to death.

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