Sunday, June 6, 2021

What I’m Watching: Rebel

Rebel: Season 1, Episode 8 “It’s All About the Chemistry” (B+)

Well, Angela’s subversive information worked exactly as she wanted it to when Lana made the regrettable choice to confront Grady about it in his own home where cameras were recording that Ziggy just happened to need to erase because she too forgot about the fact that someone’s always watching. It’s not too surprising that it was true and that there were extenuating circumstances that might not have made it seem as bad had Grady not kept it from her and continued to pay child support for years without letting her know. Rebel being photographed in jail after Grady essentially tossed her into the water by driving his boat away doesn’t suggest good things, and it’s not a positive sign for an already rocky case with a driven corporate defense attorney like Benji working as hard as he can to discredit the prosecution at every turn. Cassidy was considerably less sympathetic than both Benji and Luke were to the video of Dan the Man, and she’s definitely way too close to the woman that they’re now going to try to go after given that she’s starting a relationship with her roommate and brother. It’s a wonder that it took this long for Cassidy and Luke to sleep together, though it’s probably something Benji would approve of if it’s the outlet she needed to focus again on work. It took a while to get Carson on board, but it’s hard to imagine that his testimony won’t be seen or considered now that it’s been heard by the judge.

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