Thursday, June 24, 2021

What I’m Watching: Generation

Generation: Season 1, Episode 12 “The High Priestess” (B+)

I feel like we haven’t seen much of Arianna lately, and this episode certainly cemented how she feels like there’s no one in the world who’s paying attention to her or who truly understands her. Lashing out at her dads after they bought her light tampons and complaining about being suffocated by male energy indicated her true frustration, and I think that some of that was alleviated by the opportunity to have the coven together with Delilah and Naomi. Deciding that they were going to go to the dance together was a great way to feel connected, and that quickly burst when Naomi had the idea for her and Delilah to become a thruple with Cooper, not realizing at all that they were completely ostracizing Arianna and even forcing her to photograph their new exclusive club. She took out her rage on the guy who dared to ask her to the dance, deeming all men parasites, and I’m really not sure what could transpire now which would make her feel any differently. I did enjoy the awkwardness of Megan trying to elicit sympathy from Joe and Patrick about what she was going through with Nathan, and how Joe pointed out that what she was trying to stop him from being was exactly what they were: gay. There hasn’t been all that much exploration of Delilah’s feelings post-giving birth, and finding out about the Panda Express rumors brought all that back in a way that’s sure to come up again soon.

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