Sunday, June 13, 2021

What I’m Watching: Rebel (Penultimate Episode)

Rebel: Season 1, Episode 9 “Trial Day” (B+)

Even with just one episode left on this show – which has already aired – it’s still delivering plenty of drama and surprises. What’s clearer than ever before is that Rebel’s network is very incestuous and far too connected, and there has to be some official conflict of interest in play with legal advocates on both sides being related to each other. Rebel being linked to the case after her arrest was bad enough, but there’s plenty that should have been declared ineligible to be considered by the judge at this point. Jason’s jokes on the stand did not go over well at all, and Misha was doing fine until she got sidelined by Cassidy, who made a firm choice to follow in her father’s footsteps by sharing private knowledge of her family to discredit an opposing witness. When Nate showed up looking desperately for Ziggy, he wasn’t willing to forgive his other sister for what she had done, and while, again, we’ll only have one episode to unpack that betrayal of trust and the destruction of Nate’s relationship with Misha, it’s still going to tear apart two siblings who seemed to be pretty close right before this. While Angela paying Sean to take Ziggy’s phone and call to get them away from the house was cunning and relatively heartless, but at least she understood what that meant, while Sean thought that Ziggy might somehow be okay seeing him after what he did. It’s fortunate that Karsten was able to signal to Randall in his parting voicemail that he was being held against his will, and hopefully that’s something that can convince the judge to at least allow his private testimony to be heard or to throw the whole case out.

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