Thursday, June 17, 2021

What I’m Watching: Superman and Lois

Superman and Lois: Season 1, Episode 10 “O Mother, Where Art Thou?” (B+)

Well, apparently the term brother wasn’t meant to just reference a general closeness but instead to mean that Edge is actually Kal-El’s half-brother, son of the same mother that we got to meet via Lana in this episode. It’s understandable that he doesn’t feel the same warmth towards humanity given the angry reception he got when he landed on Earth, but he seems far too intelligent to have not gathered through all of his time building his master plan that some aren’t worth saving. That tends to be the nature of supervillains, however, and he’s certainly among the more cunning masterminds who’s really thought through what it is that he wants to achieve. Fortunately, the good guys had a plan, and Lana was ready to offer herself up as a willing host for Superman’s mother, who was able to reverse the process and then set Edge back to square one, even if he seems a bit too confident that he can still do what he planned even without his army of possessed hosts. Jonathan and Jordan read Sarah into what was going on in a way that Sam didn’t like, and felt guilty enough about misjudging her dad for what she thought was his latest lapse that she was happy to see him when he returned as himself. I’m still eager for the time that I hope will come when Lana will finally find out that her best friend Clark is Superman, something that will surely shock her and I imagine will, as tends to be the case, come to light in exactly the wrong way.

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