Saturday, June 12, 2021

What I’m Watching: Hacks

Hacks: Season 1, Episode 9 “Interview” (B+)

There was no way that Ava was going to go to LA to interview for a job and not have Deborah find out about it, and the fact that she turned it down because she learned that it supposed to use her experience working for her current boss as inspiration for comedy fodder isn’t going to mean quite as much as it did in the moment. Ava was hilariously overexcited about being back in LA where she could order whatever latte she wanted and pay an extravagant $11.58 for it, and going to the spot that she and Ruby used to share was a great way to run into her ex right away. Their reunion was actually rather positive, and Ava demonstrated some unexpected restraint and maturity by not blowing off her interview prep for a chance to revisit old memories. I was excited to recognize Chris Geere from “You’re the Worst” and “This Is Us” and Kirby Howell-Baptiste from “The Good Place” and “Why Women Kill” as the two Brits meeting with her, though they quickly revealed themselves to be rather vain and haughty. I enjoyed the fact that, prior to faceplanting after she walked away, Ava chose to insult their accents when she understood just what it was that she was being asked to do. Marcus seemed to want to hurt Deborah more than Ava by sharing the news of her interview, something that got Jimmy very upset at Kayla, and Ava making light of the situation while having absolutely no clue that Deborah knows was a foreboding way to end this penultimate episode, particularly with Deborah’s fish-gutting activity with that very large knife.

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