Wednesday, June 16, 2021

What I’m Watching: In Treatment

In Treatment: Season 4, Episode 14 “Colin – Week 4” (B+)

It was weird not to have any mention of Eladio in this episode since either nothing drastic actually happened or Brooke just hasn’t heard about it yet, but I was too distracted by the ferocity of this encounter to even remember that until the episode ended. John Benjamin Hickey’s performance really is spectacular, and he makes Colin seem so forthright and honest when that couldn’t be further from the case. Standing outside waiting anxiously to see if Hannah would show up did feel sincere, but that important detail that he left out about having gotten a vasectomy before they spent so long trying to get pregnant reframed everything drastically. Brooke was annoyed again that he insinuated what she thought about a given topic, but he also hit harder by suggesting that she had made up back pain to engineer them switching seats so that he could feel like he had more power in the conversation. Like Brooke, we’ve spent four weeks with him now and it’s as if we don’t actually know him at all, other than that he’s willing to do or say anything in order to achieve his desired outcome. Brooke wasn’t anything but appropriately harsh when she cut him off and said their time was done, and her “goodbye” was particularly blunt, and it wasn’t a surprise that he didn’t like that. There are two more episodes with Colin’s name on it, and so I’m very curious to see what those will look like given that his sessions are done and Brooke is even more done with him.

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