Wednesday, June 16, 2021

What I’m Watching: Legends of Tomorrow

Legends of Tomorrow: Season 6, Episode 6 “Bishop's Gambit” (B-)

It’s reassuring to know that this show has already been renewed for a seventh season since I’m not terribly enticed by the notion of spending the final year of any given show with the lead character missing (see: “Supergirl”). At least they’re making some progress back on Earth as they found Amelia Earhart and discovered that she’s not quite human anymore, but it was Sara who, in her latest attempt to kill Bishop and not play the long game of tricking him into thinking that she was no longer out to get him, made the most disturbing discovery about who she really is. I suspect that he might be messing with her mind, but if she’s a clone, it’s not actually that crazy given that Ava is too. I think it’s likeliest that Sara will be able to engineer her escape with the help of the Ava clones that she and Gary can compel to join forces with them, and they might also have some assistance of a gruffer form from Mick and Kayla if they can get serious. I would like to see everyone pick up the pace just a bit more and stop worrying about all these temporary distractions, especially considering they’re all in the same place. It was startling to see Constantine in an outfit other than his signature shirt and undone tie, but I guess that’s a sign that he’s growing weary of having so much company for so long. Let’s get the Wave Rider back and get this shop back on the road!

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