Thursday, June 24, 2021

What I’m Watching: Generation

Generation: Season 1, Episode 13 “There’s Something about Hamburger Mary’s” (B+)

This episode felt different because it spent more time than we’ve seen recently with Megan, who got called up for karaoke after she took Nathan up on spending their mother-son date night in a way that he would enjoy a whole lot more than her. I like that the rarely seen Mark pushed her to go with him, spinning it that he invited her to go while she interpreted it as a dare, and that the constant metaphor of the boat made her uneasy and irritated. Her episode-ending rendition was indeed awkward, but it was a show of enthusiasm for her son’s life choices. We didn’t even get any commentary about the thruple her daughter is involved in that Arianna’s parents pointed out was very exclusionary of the third best friend of the two girls participating in it. The adult who got to shine the most in this half-hour was Ana, who gave a great speech and got to really be herself in front of anyone. Lucia was right to realize that Riley was into her, whether or not it was not being into girls or just not being ready for a romance, and it’s a shame that Greta finally working up the nerve to tell Riley how she felt came at the same time as her getting picked up by someone else to go home. The look on Chester’s face when he had to sit in between Nathan and Bo and pretend to be fine with things said so much, and while it wasn’t necessarily right for Nathan to ask him to do that when he was on a date with someone else, Bo was correct in observing that Chester probably wasn’t doing the right thing either by leading someone on who he knows is in love with him.

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