Friday, June 11, 2021

What I’m Watching: In Treatment

In Treatment: Season 4, Episode 12 “Brooke – Week 3” (B+)

This was a shorter episode than most by a few minutes, but it was still packed with plenty of confrontation. I’m not sure whether this episode will be under Emmy consideration since it technically falls outside the eligibility window despite qualifying as a “hanging episode” attached to the episodes that debuted in May, but it would be a fantastic showcase for Uzo Aduba, who really is doing terrific work. The way in which she has gradually opened up and revealed more of Brooke has been very enlightening and fascinating to watch. The fact that she didn’t remember that she had called Rita and shared the devastating news that she had received was a major red flag, and Rita wasn’t standing for any nonsense when she burst in and demanded that she bring out all the full and empty bottles that she had gone through and was keeping around for the next time she needed them. She also wasn’t pleased to be accused of not supporting her or put off by Brooke’s assurance that she would go to a meeting later that night. Acknowledging that she wasn’t supposed to be this invested in her staying sober was an important examination of the potential for mutually destructivity in this relationship, and that was what made Brooke realize and affirm that Rita was indeed looking out for her and essential to the maintenance of her sobriety and wellbeing. I’m curious to see if this incident will come up in any form in Brooke’s week four sessions.

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