Thursday, June 24, 2021

Take Three: Loki

Loki: Season 1, Episode 3 “Lamentis” (B+)

This was a pretty fascinating episode, one that was captivating despite not featuring most of the players we’ve come to know other than Loki himself. The momentary shot of Sylvie that we saw at the end of the previous episode gave way to a very entertaining two-person dynamic as Loki tried to get to know this other version of himself that was just as snarky but considerably more capable of self-control. I had neglected to mention the presence of actress Sasha Lane, who I remember very fondly from her role in “American Honey” and who also starred in the short-lived Amazon series “Utopia,” as Hunter-C20, and we got the chance to see her in the opening scene of this episode as Sylvie manipulated her into believing that she was having drinks with an old friend when instead she was probing her mind for crucial information. Mention of that moment made Loki realize later that the TVA agents are actually variants who don’t know that that’s what they are, and as soon as he’s reunited with Mobius, I’m sure they’ll have an eye-opening conversation about that. The banter that Loki and Sylvie had was both captivating and funny, and I like that her boundaries gradually came down as he their time together went on. Her waking up to him singing on the train was oddly hypnotic, but then came to a swift end when their acrobatics didn’t pay off and got them ejected from the train. That final scene was haunting but apparently inconsequential, and I’m fully drawn in even though I don’t really know what’s supposed to be happening as they remain untethered to time and seemingly headed for certain death.

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