Saturday, June 19, 2021

What I’m Watching: Generation

Generation: Season 1, Episode 11 “Absolute Zero” (B+)

It’s interesting to see how the two relationships that Greta is sort of trying to get going are imploding before they even begin, mostly because of her reluctance to do anything or to define them despite clear interest from both prospective partners. Inviting Lucia to come over for dinner after she pulled away when Lucia touched her hair seemed like a clear signal that she wanted to pursue that one, and it couldn’t have been worse timing for Riley to show up announced and end up being invited for dinner by the clueless Ana. It was certainly awkward that Riley showed up with flowers not for Greta but for Ana, and Lucia telling Riley that she didn’t know she was invited was a rather biting way of indicating her displeasure with her being there. The fact that the two of them have this shared secret is likely to ruin both relationships once Greta inevitably finds out, though again, Greta really is moving slowly, and Riley is allowing herself to become way too invested in this rival romance. Ending with the science experiment was a great way to convey Riley’s frustration, something that only built this episode after her would-be stepmom tried to encourage a friendship she has no interest in ever forming. Chester and Bo seemed to be headed in a good direction, even if the way the two of them interact with the world still doesn’t seem to be all that similar or compatible, but they’re still giving a shot for the moment.

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