Friday, June 18, 2021

What I’m Watching: Why Women Kill

Why Women Kill: Season 2, Episode 4 “Scene of the Crime” (B+)

I guess I just hadn’t noticed before this that Jack Davenport, who previously played Carl, is the new narrator, and I think that’s great. I do enjoy the adages this show incorporates like “good news never comes before nine” and the entire choreography of this episode, which found Alma and Bertram frantically running back and forth between their home and Mrs. Yost’s, first to steal all of her nice things and then to distract the police who came looking for thanks to the set of additional footprints they found at the scene of her abandoned car. The surprise inspection went pretty well aside from Rita taking pleasure in humiliating Alma following her Paris slip-up, and, by the end of it all, they might have been good partners for each other, if not for Rita noticing the woman walking into the house who just happened to be the same one who had been sleeping with Scooter. It’s a bad time for revenge given how happy Dee and Vern seem to be and that he managed to survive a knife attack from a vindictive target that revealed the injury that had ended a previous relationship of his and didn’t bother Dee at all. Scooter also has his own plan to get even after Rita took all of his belongings and his towel, leaving him literally naked in the street, and whatever he’s cooking up with Catherine likely won’t end up benefiting Rita in the end at all, making this interwoven mess all the more intriguing and enticing.

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