Friday, June 11, 2021

What I’m Watching: Superman and Lois

Superman and Lois: Season 1, Episode 9 “Loyal Subjekts” (B+)

Well, this episode certainly gave us plenty of information and accelerated all the plotlines quite a bit. I can’t say I’m intimately familiar with the entire Superman mythology, so I’m as startled as Clark was to find out that Edge is apparently Kryptonian, though it does make sense that he’s trying to reincarnate people from his planet for a recolonization effort of sorts. The fact that Smallville is a place where residents have been exposed to the X-Kryptonite and therefore might make more suitable hosts makes sense, and therefore it’s a good thing that Clark and Lois moved back to Smallville so that they can keep a closer eye on everything. Kyle showing up for Sarah when Jordan didn’t – through no fault of his own, of course – was hopeful but indicative of less-than-advisable remedies, and having him show up at the Kent house seemingly there to protect them only to reveal that he too was under Edge’s influence was deeply concerning. At least he was honest with Lana about his loss of time, and maybe now he’ll finally realize that he was wrong about Edge, if he’s able to resist his control. Superman’s big criminal takedown in Mexico was exciting, but the fact that he ended up riddled with bullets was not a good sign. Somehow, Jonathan’s still thinking about romance at a time like this, and it seems like Sam is the one who has the right idea: it’s all hands on deck since Smallville and Earth are very much under attack.

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