Tuesday, June 29, 2021

What I’m Watching: Trying

Trying: Season 2, Episode 7 “Lift Me Up” (B+)

I wouldn’t have imagined a happy ending for pretty much everyone when this episode started, and it turns out there may be even more exciting things on the horizon. Nikki getting the call about the promotion at the same time as Jason got the call about the kids threatened to make the outlook of this episode dismal, but Jason was very sweet to point to their kids in the distance and pretend that Nikki was too short to see over the horizon. Working on their manager points was also fun, and they had the bachelor and bachelorette parties to focus on and keep their minds occupied. Erica finding Scott’s mostly blank mad libs and him finding Deven’s cup in the trash weren’t positive catalysts for a great time, and they both seemed incredibly distracted by the activities that weren’t altogether suited to their interests, aside from the go-karting that Karen seemed to love. Having both Karen and Erica convey earth-shattering secrets to her as they were about to drive off made Nikki understandably agitated, and it’s good to see that both of those got sorted. It was nicest that Scott overheard Jason telling Freddy that love was peace, which inspired him to go home and do something selfless before acknowledging his unbelievable – and often incomprehensible – pretentiousness. Harper was so unfazed by Freddy breaking up with her that she found a younger man in literally the same room, and though his issues with Erica haven’t been fixed, getting to focus on being better for her should be good for him. Vic even got to try something new! As if this episode couldn’t get any more satisfying, Nikki forcing Jason to pay her back was followed up by the very sweet shot of Jason staring at the ring that he’s going to use to propose. How wonderful!

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