Monday, June 14, 2021

What I’m Watching: Solos

Solos: Season 1, Episode 4 “Sasha” (B)

I’ve been watching an episode of “In Treatment” almost every day since the show officially returned a few weeks ago, which happens to have been two days after this episode became available on Amazon Prime Video. Since I’m not watching this seven-episode series at nearly the same pace, I’m only getting to this installment now, and therefore I’ve been seeing a whole lot of Uzo Aduba on my television. The Emmy-winning “Orange is the New Black” and “Mrs. America” actress is great at truly delving into a role, and this is one part that, even more than “In Treatment,” enabled her to perform a number of monologues, interacting like Helen Mirren as Peg in the previous episode with an unseen computer voice that knew plenty about her but still couldn’t actually control her actions. The content of this episode was more relatable than most due to its pandemic-emergence mode, with Aduba’s Sasha refusing to acknowledge that the world outside might now be safe enough to venture into and that there would ever be a reason to give it a try. It reminded me of “Inception” and a failure to acknowledge what was actually real even after being shown repeatedly and having the consequences of not affirming it explained to them, and such stories rarely have a happy ending. We didn’t see either of their faces, but the voices that I kept trying to peg were Jack Quaid from “The Boys” and “Plus One” as Zen and Sanaa Lathan from “Boss” and “The Affair” as Nia.

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