Wednesday, June 30, 2021

What I'm Watching: Kevin Can F**k Himself

Kevin Can F**k Himself: Season 1, Episode 4 “Live Free or Die” (B+)

It was great to see Allison and Patty bond on their road trip to Vermont, even if Patty was resistant the entire way to liking the neighbor that she had never thought much of in all their years living next door to each other. I liked that it was Allison’s joke about killing her mom that first softened Patty up, and that it became a recurring joke over the course of the episode. I’m glad that all the portrayals of drug deals weren’t too over-the-top, and instead indicated the typical dynamic of sketchy people taking advantage of would-be buyers who were in a bad position since they had absolutely no leverage and were in desperate need of supply that only these people could give them. Ending up with a gun rather than the pills wasn’t a great result since shooting Kevin would be too obvious, and I’m so intrigued and excited that Allison felt like she could open up to Patty, who might not support her plan but isn’t likely to reveal it to Kevin either. The fact that Kevin called the police to report the car stolen shows how much more he cares about his things than about his wife, and while his antics with the Escape Groom were absolutely absurd, I do think that’s supposed to show the level of effort he’s able to put into something that he thinks will benefit him but can’t even be bothered to listen to his wife for a second or think of loaning her his car unless he gets something out of it.

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