Saturday, June 12, 2021

What I’m Watching: Why Women Kill

Why Women Kill: Season 2, Episode 3 “Lady in the Lake” (B+)

During the time since this show’s first season aired and now, I had forgotten how much I enjoyed the opening narration. Learning that Mrs. Yost was finally forced to attend a party because this time she was the guest of honor was indeed entertaining, and naturally this death cover-up turned out to be infinitely more complicated than in initially appeared it would. I enjoyed how much Alma was impressed with the taste that her nasty neighbor had, and she seemed to really get into the deception of pretending to be her and driving her car away so that it would look like she had gone out of town. Running into someone she happened to have had a memorable night with in high school couldn’t have happened at a worse time, and, in addition to creating an unfortunate witness to their antics, it also made for some unnecessary squabbling between Alma and Bertram that seemed to have been resolved by him wading into the water to rescue her purse from the sunken car. A few fingernails sticking out of her garden can’t cause that much trouble, can they? Catherine clueing the club into Rita’s illicit use of club funds for her affair with Scooter served a dual purpose of tarnishing her reputation with her friends and reminding her that she was onto her, and Catherine’s story about her father not approving of her boyfriend demonstrated, as she clarified, how much she hated Rita. Having Scooter seduce her isn’t a great plan, but I can’t imagine she’ll be going ahead with that now that Dee introduced herself so memorably. Vern obviously has personal reasons for not wanting to pursue a relationship with Dee, but he should come forward with those soon before his lack of full honesty ends up ruining that prospective romance or even any hope of friendship.

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