Friday, July 2, 2021

What I’m Watching: The Flash

The Flash: Season 7, Episode 15 “Enemy at the Gates” (B-)

It feels too often like there’s a major crisis that’s going to kill all of Team Flash and destroy Central City, and it’s hard to get invested in doom storylines like that which are inevitably going to be resolved in a less intense way so that life as normal can continue. I’d say that I prefer villains who can communicate in an understandable way, but I suppose there is something worthwhile about a handful of Godspeeds trying to punch their way through the speed force or whatever it is that they were trying to do. Inviting Mark to the party made things a bit more interesting, and I like that idea of a romance brewing between him and Frost even as he continues to double-cross her. Caitlin’s surgery on Esperanza seemed to go well thanks to Cecile’s soothing help, and I’m curious if she’ll stick around as a new character who might head the same redeeming direction as Allegra. Joe’s investigative work with Kramer also seems to be leading to intriguing new places, and they’re likely to look even harder if they both made it out of that exploding car safely. What’s more interesting to me is the idea that Barry and Iris might be pregnant, though it would be better if they stopped doing such a terrible job of keeping it secret and just waited for it to happen. Nora showing up to see Barry in a dream was an unexpected moment, and I would be all for having her return in whatever new form she might now exist given the future they’re actively creating.

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