Saturday, July 3, 2021

What I’m Watching: Generation

Generation: Season 1, Episode 14 “CLICK WHIRR” (B+)

There’s something simultaneously appealing and frustrating about the in-depth focus this show has on its characters, since it means that certain episodes don’t actually feature most of the cast or drive the story forward for all but one highlighted protagonist. I do think that Riley is one of the strongest and most interesting characters on this show, and so seeing her stay up all night after receiving potentially life-altering news was a recipe for strong and compelling drama. Sam did his best to approach the situation delicately, explaining what he had learned and that he thought there was more going on. Her interaction with Greta was particularly volatile since she came in hot, Greta responded in kind, and the statement she made about Riley’s problems was ignorantly reductive. Presumably, they’ll both apologize, but their communication hasn’t been superb up until this point. Nathan was a much better source of comfort, since all she had to deal with at his house was Mark talking about oriental stir fries and Naomi being very high on pain medication after a dental appointment. That latter state of mind did have adverse effects in that she blurted out the truth about Delilah to a stunned Cooper, which is sure to have implications for the entire friend group. Megan was unexpectedly sympathetic to a child who wasn’t her own, offering Riley support, though what she needed most was the friendly reassurance she got from Chester once he finally turned his phone back on and showed up to be there for her.

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