Sunday, February 6, 2022

Round Two: The Afterparty

The Afterparty: Season 1, Episode 2 “Brett” (B+)

Episode two of this show was a lot of fun, showing a different side to the story that wasn’t just a retelling of the same events and offered plenty of background to another character we only saw briefly in the pilot. It’s obviously a slanted, embellished tale, one featuring absurd things like Brett competing with Xavier to have the better pee stream and then fighting with a security guard, who he managed to defeat in order to gain entry to Xavier’s house. I’m thrilled that Tiffany Haddish has such a great role on this show, with Detective Danner stopping him to tell him he couldn’t keep comparing Aniq to Urkel as an insult since she had a crush on him and applauding herself for knowing that the hat landed first. I also enjoyed the snippets of Yasper that we got where he said he didn’t have any business cards because it’s the future and then completely failed to comprehend the basic conclusion Aniq had just come to based on the new information he had. The news that Detective Cusp got a call from the captain about how he and Danner weren’t supposed to be in charge of the case just adds a new dimension, one of them racing to solve it before they’re edged out. It’s definitely seeming like Chelsea might be the killer given her vendetta against Xavier, though I imagine we’ll get her side soon. Indigo has been a very minor supporting character so far, and her apparent obsession with breastmilk cheese is definitely off-putting.

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