Friday, February 4, 2022

What I’m Watching: Peacemaker

Peacemaker: Season 1, Episode 5 “Chapter 05: Monkey Dory” (B+)

Things definitely improved in terms of team cohesion by the end of this episode, with debates about music and Peacemaker suggesting legions of celebrities Economos could have put in prison instead of his father, to Harcourt being the one to send out selfies in a newly-created WhatsApp chat that made everyone smile. I love the interpersonal dynamic, like Leota telling Peacemaker that he hurt Economos’ feelings by mocking his PowerPoint and Vigilante explaining that being a bully is just part of Peacemaker’s personality. Getting into Superman’s alleged poop fetish and how what Harcourt was describing did actually sound just like a deep state were just as entertaining if much less serious, but this show is all about its free-wheeling dialogue and fantastically fun conversations that seem to go on for an incredibly long time. Peacemaker’s X-ray vision in his helmet was extremely helpful in identifying all the butterflies, and he did a superb job of calmly shooting all of them while Leota panicked and fired bullets at dead bodies. Despite all this, Leota did still plant the diary at her mother’s request, and now it looks like she’s in serious danger since Murn wasn’t so excited about her use of the helmet given that it outed him as a butterfly. I’m thrilled to see Christopher Heyerdahl, an excellent actor from shows like “Hell on Wheels” and “True Blood,” join the cast as Captain Locke, who showed up to do damage control and keep Auggie in prison, something Sophie isn’t likely to let go.

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