Friday, February 11, 2022

What I’m Watching: Pivoting

Pivoting: Season 1, Episode 5 “D-Day” (B)

I’m not sure that D-Day is the best name for a “90210”-themed holiday made up by these friends, but it was still a decent setup for them to contend with the people they’ve become and what the future holds. After Jodie’s daughter was truly unkind to her, it was only fair that they used her room and went through all of her stuff for their celebration, and I thought it was funny that this was the moment Jodie first expressed that she had never masturbated before when she’s currently engaged in an illicit affair that she has yet to tell her friends about, something that will result in equal excitement and absolute shock. I laughed at how her dancing along to theme music resulted in her accidentally throwing the burger, which meant she had no choice but to give the vibrator a try in the absence of her lunch. Sarah trying on Andrea’s clothes so that she could seduce Tanzy and then tell her that she wasn’t as amazing as she had expressed Sarah was but that she would get there was a helpful power move, even if it’s leading to increased irresponsibility at work. Amy hiring a babysitter so that Gloria wouldn’t judge her predictably led to other people finding out, namely Henry, who was aware enough of who Amy is that he was able to get a confession out of her without even bothering to call Gloria to confirm her lie. Those two aren’t always a perfect couple but they do manage to have fun together.

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