Sunday, October 4, 2015

What I’m Watching: Longmire

Longmire: Season 4, Episode 4 “Four Arrows” (B+)

The aftermath of Barlow’s death was handled very deftly and emotionally in the opening montage of the episode, and I think it’s good that it wasn’t dwelled on or split up over the course of many episodes. Presenting a relatively standard and somewhat entertaining case in this episode was a smart choice, and I like that it involved two unexpected players, one a familiar consultant for the sheriff’s department and the other a fresh face. Peter Weller’s Lucian is always good for a laugh while actually being a relatively solid policeman, and incorporating him in a lighthearted way helped transition to his true anguish about the death of both his brother and his nephew, the latter at the hand of the former. He and Walt had a good cathartic moment which was a nice touch. The new face was that of Eamonn O’Neil, the eager young cop on loan from another county to fill in while Walt was out and desperate for his approval, something Walt didn’t give him even though Vic vouched for his competence. I think that Josh Cooke was a great choice for the role, a good combination of his talents as displayed on “Dexter” and “Better With You.” Walt apologizing to Nighthorse in his own way by agreeing to be delicate and keep his casino out of the press was a noble thing to do, and it’s just a shame that the plan blew up in his face as a result of someone else’s actions. Henry is being brave to take on Hector’s missions, and he’s going to get himself into even more hot water as he continues to help people.

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