Saturday, October 3, 2015

What I’m Watching: You’re the Worst

You’re the Worst: Season 2, Episode 4 “All About That Paper” (B+)

This episode wasn’t entirely spectacular but had enough going for it that it was still pretty entertaining. The biggest takeaway is that Gretchen is growing up and starting to be the most centered and grounded person in her life, which is major news. Being the stable one around her clients, who she managed to reunite and then immediately suggested breaking up since she was actually doing her job and saw that a feud would be more profitable in the long run for them was impressive, and it’s good to see her getting ahead. Unfortunately, sleeping next to Jimmy in bed with his breathing machine compelled her to get up and take her spare phone to go to some unknown destination which presumably fills her with some satisfaction she isn’t getting from him. It’s surely nothing as illustrious as an affair, since she was all for him getting a lap dance, and it’s likelier an escape from the confines of normalcy. I like that Jimmy mocked her request to check in later, yet they still texted all day before excitedly filling each other in on the myriad details of their experiences as soon as they were both home. Roger Bart is always up for a ridiculous role, and here he just got to make Jimmy seem normal. Edgar getting into improv with some help from Echo Kellum from “Ben and Kate” was nice, and if only he hadn’t come over to Lindsay’s house with a big speech prepared just as she was microwaving Paul’s frozen sperm. That’s not going to end well, particularly since we’ve seen just how content Paul is with his new girlfriend and their successful sex life.

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