Friday, May 18, 2018

What I’m Watching: Billions

Billions: Season 3, Episode 8 “All the Willburys” (B)

This episode started to address what might happen next on this show now that Chuck is no longer pursuing Axe, but then it all got stopped before it had a chance to really get going. Chuck Sr. and Jack showing up to end the indulgence of Chuck’s fantasies made both him and Wendy very angry and defensive, but they should have stopped such reckless and public behavior a long time ago if he actually wanted to be governor since Axe could easily have had his guys find out about it if he doesn’t already know. That aggressive action, however, seemed to infuriate them so that Chuck wanted to have a weapon against Jack that he could use, prompting him to conduct a sting to ensure that he would have no leverage against him in the future. How quickly things change, of course, as DeGiulio called in his one favor, which was for Chuck not to run for governor, leading to him endorsing Matt Servitto’s Bob Sweeney instead. The two men who had tried to show him they could control him should have realized that giving him a platform to speak without knowing for sure what he would say was a bad idea, and he showed how powerful his words could be when he chewed Bryan out in front of the entire office staff and fired him. Axe and Wags seemed to have just as much fun dismissing Ari, but he managed to get into Dollar Bill’s head before he left, making sure that Axe Capital isn’t going to steer clear of illegal activities anytime soon. Axe competing with Taylor for the most committed employee isn’t a productive idea, and he’s further alienating his family and a totally enraged Lara, who went off on Wendy in a way we haven’t seen before for daring to talk to her son.

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