Tuesday, May 29, 2018

What I’m Watching: Brockmire

Brockmire: Season 2, Episode 5 “Make-up Game” (B+)

Now, this is what this show needs all the time. I was worried when Jules was once again absent last week after her surprise reappearance at the end of episode three, and it was so great to see her show up at the start of this half-hour. Brockmire had so many chances to say and do the right thing, and he picked a few of them correctly while letting the rest go. Being asked to talk about the one that got away in one of his drunken rants could have been the first real chance, but she felt that she had to say hello to him even though he went for something other than her. I love that she too has a Google alert for “Jim Brockmire dead,” and it was gratifying to see her try hard to say yes to him and make sure that he didn’t give her time to change her mind when she knew it was the wrong decision. She gave him a hard time, to be sure, but he also is a different person around her, giving her a piggyback through the streets of New Orleans after taking her away from a tourist attraction like Cafe Du Monde (which is excellent and totally worthwhile, of course). She didn’t even seem to mind that he had a whole shop of women’s clothes for her to choose from in the morning, but it was his eagerness to accept a job in Atlanta and think that they could just meet up once a month without any commitment that made her leave seemingly without looking back. Charles was right to celebrate as if his parents were getting back together, and I surely hope this isn’t the last time Jules will try to let herself give in and be swept away by our talkative title character. The closing scene did leave quite an impression thanks to the appearance of Emmy winner Carrie Preston from “The Good Wife” and “True Blood” as the women in the bar who appears to be even crazier than Brockmire, stabbing a man in the hand just to prove that she’s wilder than he is. Let’s see more of her - that can’t be good for him, but it will definitely be entertaining!

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