Monday, May 21, 2018

What I’m Watching: Silicon Valley (Season Finale)

Silicon Valley: Season 5, Episode 8 “Fifty-One Percent” (B+)

I was ready to kill Richard when it appeared that we were going to be treated to a season six with Pied Piper being owned by a gloating, reenergized Gavin Belson. Instead, the often impulsive coder and CEO planned ahead for once, putting his vulgar new signature catchphrase to use after stalling just long enough to have Colin put his new users onto the network so that all of the invading phones from Yao and Laurie could be booted. Fortunately, Colin seems to be closest to my favorite character on this show, who was woefully underused this season - Big Head - hard to offend and more than happy to help when his friendship is needed. It’s good to see that all this hard work paid off and that things may be headed in a positive direction for them, finally, with Monica showing them their massive new offices which will include dozens of employees and new divisions given the scope of their product, an incredible contrast to their diminutive space acquired by Jared what feels like so long ago. I love that Gilfoyle expressed some sort of moderate affection for Monica, and that Dinesh was able to save the day by giving the trooper a ride in the Tesla he bought for his employee. I wish that this season had been longer since I feel like it flew by, and though it wasn’t the best one we’ve seen, this show continues to be well worth watching. I look forward to seeing season six when it returns next year, and hope that it will continue to be rewarded with deserved Emmy nominations come this summer.

Season grade: B+
Season MVP: Thomas Middleditch as Richard

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