Monday, May 28, 2018

What I’m Watching: The Flash (Season Finale)

The Flash: Season 4, Episode 23 “We are the Flash” (B+)

I’m pleasantly surprised to report that this was a great finale, one that probably should have come about six episodes ago so that this whole thing didn’t feel so dragged out. The best part is knowing that DeVoe has been truly vanquished, with his electronic reincarnation and subsequent near-destruction of the planet hastily avoided thanks to some sincere teamwork on the part of our heroes. It was wonderful to see that Ralph was still alive and kicking within DeVoe’s brain since he was presently occupying his body, and that he was able to escape and take control once again. Defeating him by using something whose value he couldn’t understand felt fitting, and it only serves to strengthen them as a unit to combat whatever foes may come next. I do think that Marlize got off a little too easily, pardoned and even offered the opportunity to join Team Flash after helping her husband to cause such significant damage and death. The actual sequence of events that allowed the team to defeat DeVoe was exciting, and it would have worked just as well around episode eighteen, with Ralph being gone for so long serving as the only real reason to wait so that his return could be all the more emphatic and welcome. Harry not being returned quite to normal is an intriguing if unexplained development, one that likely won’t be addressed right away given his departure for his own earth. I am very optimistic about the official introduction of the speedster from the future that I incorrectly guessed was Cecile and Joe’s newborn daughter but was instead Nora, the daughter of Barry and Iris, who believes that she’s made a terrible mistake. I’m pumped for season five, and hopeful that it can be a bit more focused and less drawn-out than this season often felt.

Season grade: B/B+
Season MVP: Katee Sackhoff as Amunet

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