Wednesday, May 30, 2018

What I’m Watching: Lost in Space

Lost in Space: Season 1, Episode 7 “Pressurized” (B+)

Another episode, another life-and-death situation where a member of the Robinson family nearly sacrifices themselves for the good of their relatives. Though they had to fight off some frightening quicksand, John and Maureen ultimately had a therapeutic time in close quarters discussing things they hadn’t previously verbalized. Maureen not arguing with John when he said he was fine after she offered to take over was the start of it, and then he was trying to show off when she gave him a hard time but had to cut the show short since they were already too far in to escape. After supporting without hesitation her decision to alter Will’s test results, John was very eager to give his own life to save Maureen, and fortunately she realized just in time that there was a way for them to escape which gave them a fun laugh once they finally made it. A PHD in engineering doesn’t necessarily mean that she’ll fix the air conditioning, but at least their relationship is stable. Judy’s patient dying after her valiant efforts to keep him alive was a blow to everyone, and the only thing it strengthened was her relationship with Don. Vijay telling his father about the planet’s prospects led to a surprisingly selfish decision from Victor, and I can’t imagine that he’s really abandoning everyone else and that, if he is, he’ll get away with it. As usual, Dr. Smith is up to no good, and she may have already orchestrated events that won’t make Don and Judy’s eventual arrival with important news about her identity as crucial or effective as it should be. Penny trying to cheer Will up was nice to see, and for once neither of them appeared to be in imminent danger.

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