Wednesday, May 2, 2018

What I’m Watching: You, Me, Her

You, Me, Her: Season 3, Episode 5 “Welcome to the Tiger Cage” (B+)

It probably wasn’t the smartest idea for Emma to come find Jack while he was hanging out right by Izzy’s meeting with her advisor, which took an unproductive turn when she spied them talking out the window. Emma made the important distinction to Jack that Kylie had offered to go with her to have abortion but that she hadn’t yet accepted, and Jack doesn’t seem to know what he wants either. What’s clear is that Izzy isn’t about to hear any of it, and after expressing plenty of angst and rage throughout the episode, she got some of her fury out by throwing the apology flowers at Emma when she showed up on their doorstep to beg for her forgiveness. Emma’s expressed desire to stay with Jack and Izzy and have the baby is big, though it probably would have been more helpful if she hadn’t suddenly moved to Seattle and signed divorce papers first. I’m eager to see how Jack’s meeting with Izzy’s father goes, provided he puts on pants, though I’m not sure they’ll make it out the door without a confrontation with Emma delaying them considerably. I’m glad to see Shaun taking a stand and defending himself against the out-of-control Nina, who was actually having a better-than-average date before she tanked it and executed her signature move of throwing her drink all over her unsuspecting companion. It’s interesting to see Izzy try to bond with Sasha, initially getting nowhere but then managing to find some common ground which could help her do something to distract from her wild thruple rollercoaster ride and perpetually unfinished thesis.

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