Wednesday, May 16, 2018

What I’m Watching: Santa Clarita Diet

Santa Clarita Diet: Season 2, Episode 8 “Easels and War Paint” (B+)

It’s a wonder that Carl didn’t end up dead after all given how completely horrible he is, but his decision to fire Sheila for not showing up sent things in an interesting direction. Sheila was understandably mad at Joel for bumbling and not refusing to continue working with him, and how nice it was that, after everything, Joel spent $9 on a business card proof so that he could demonstrate his dedication to starting their own business to work for themselves. It was very entertaining to retrace the steps Sheila took during her blackout, and she was definitely disturbed when the moment of murder became clear and they saw her pounce on the Nazi and devour him in the middle of the parking lot. I like that she had no patience for Joel worrying about their carbon footprint given the number of dish gloves they go through, and she had a decent counterpoint with the fact that every time they kill someone, they drive less. She was awfully proud of herself for encouraging Ann to back off these disappearances to focus on her painting, but unfortunately those paintings are all about the very disappearances and mysteries involving our favorite couple. Abby telling Lisa that she and Eric were dating in order to get Dan’s goggles provided some nice time for the two of them together, revealing just how lonely Lisa is and eager to make someone else up and showing Abby that maybe she’s much too extreme for poor Eric, who doesn’t even want to graffiti anything and couldn’t hit Christian with a book like Abby did. In better news, I’m always nervous that watching a show weeks after all its episode premiered means that it will be cancelled by the time I finish, but this one just got renewed last week for a third season, which is extremely deserved and exciting.

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