Saturday, May 5, 2018

What I’m Watching: Killing Eve

Killing Eve: Season 1, Episode 4 “Sorry Baby” (B+)

Villanelle doesn’t want to listen to anyone, and while you’d think that would get her killed, she seems more intent on taking out everyone she perceives as a threat. The one who does get her loyalty is Konstantin, though he wasn’t pleased at all to find her gleefully celebrating with balloons and wearing a beard that looked just like his under the guise that it was his birthday. He should have known that she wouldn’t play well with others, coming to blows with a former lover and then taking their third colleague out before running over the supposedly rescued ex so that she could pursue the target all on her own. The good guys really don’t have the strongest operation going at the moment, believing that Frank was running from them rather than from the three armed assassins shooting at him. It’s true that he seems to be in way over his head, working with Russian intelligence and having his children’s schooling paid for, but his behavior while he was running shows that he’s not a true threat. Villanelle, who bought Eve new clothes as an apology along with the perfume La Villanelle, is far more dangerous, and instead of driving away as fast as she can after they managed to secure Frank, Eve is just sitting there staring at this woman. I imagine that Frank is the one who’s going to be felled by that shot she fired, but Eve is going to damaged by it too, even if not physically.

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