Monday, May 28, 2018

What I’m Watching: Legion

Legion: Season 2, Episode 8 “Chapter 16” (B+)

This episode didn’t provide all that much clarity, but that’s hardly the purpose of this show these days. It was intriguing to see the narrator explain Plato’s allegory of the cave towards the end of the episode, using cell phones as a modern impediment to being able to truly see the world. On a show like this, one that rarely features a phone call, much less a smartphone, it feels a bit strange, but there’s very little on this show that doesn’t feel strange. It was cool to see David trying to figure out a way to enlist the help of those around him in finding Farouk’s body when he knew that they were susceptible to having their minds infiltrated by Farouk, and therefore he opted to plant the ideas within their mind to be followed and executed much later. Unfortunately, Oliver helped Farouk establish a link to this season’s most absent player, Melanie, who is now under his sway and took Clark out just as he was about to do what David had asked of him. Ptonomy, trapped within some mind, was able to take control of one of the mustachioed female robots and communicate with David, while Syd built up a lot of aggression towards David for not fully reading her in because of what her future self had said. I really don’t know what comes next and if they’re as close to Farouk’s body as he seems to think, and I’m curious if the unsupervised Lenny’s departure via motorcycle will come into play in any helpful way soon.

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