Sunday, May 27, 2018

What I’m Watching: Supergirl

Supergirl: Season 3, Episode 19 “The Fanatical” (B)

This was a relatively welcome break from Reign trying to destroy the world and managing to best her foes no matter what they threw at her, with Lena’s containment field holding her for the moment and giving them some time to regroup. Of course that’s the moment that Coville’s followers would choose to try to create a new world killer of their own, continuing to push this show away from its more appealing science fiction roots towards supernatural fare that just doesn’t intrigue me at all. We got to see James come close to having to reveal his secret identity to the world, leading to a deep dive into his identity and experiences as a black man, just the latest example of this relatively flighty show tackling a serious current issue like Alex’s sexual orientation. It would make much more sense for Kara to just tell Lena that she’s Supergirl since their relationship is so warm in contrast to the steely front that she portrays to Supergirl, reacting with shock at the notion that they could ever be friends. Mon-El going undercover was entertaining, and he’s definitely having fun sticking around in the present to help prevent the apocalypse. Ruby and M’yrnn bonding over foosball was a nice diversion, and Alex was smart to realize that Ruby thinking that Hank might worry that he’ll end up like his father meant that she was worried about turning into Sam too. Coville showing up alive at the end of the episode means this whole cult business is far from over, and Reign is not going to be the only thing our friends from the DEO will have to worry about in the near future.

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