Thursday, May 17, 2018

What I’m Watching: Killing Eve

Killing Eve: Season 1, Episode 6 “Take Me to the Hole!” (B+)

All of our characters were in much closer contact than ever before in this episode, one that highlighted important relationships as Eve pressed on in the wake of Frank’s murder. Not only did Carolyn reveal that she has a close history with Vladimir, she also knows Konstantin by name! Eve didn’t like either of them when she met them, and it’s interesting to see her go behind Carolyn’s back and enlist her son’s help in digging up dirt that could help pressure Vladimir to release Nadia. Unfortunately, she doesn’t know that she’s too late, thanks to the behind-bars effort of Villanelle, who had no qualms about checking herself into prison for a few days. She’s definitely not meant for confinement, flirting with the guards and then fighting back, something that quickly earned her harsh treatment, though she also managed to get two guards killed in very little time. She nearly got spotted by Eve when she was being led through the yard, and accomplished her mission with typical flair and style. Sadly for her, it appears that Konstantin may have tricked her into accepting this job, now locked up with no one to help get her released and apparently subjugated to a medical regimen that should have everyone convinced she’s crazy. Let’s see how long it takes Eve to find her and if she’s the one to help her get out, if only to ensure that she doesn’t escape justice and has to answer specifically for all the crimes she committed rather than whatever allegedly got her into jail.

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